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Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Props

Yesterday I had some opinions about Spirit Halloween new Ghostbusters costumes. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, August 19, 2019) The post was long and I didn’t have the time before work to talk about Spirit Halloween other Ghostbusters merchandise. This is that post. Full disclosure I… Continue Reading “Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Props”

Matty Collector Neutrino Wand On Sale: Ectocontainment Poll

During the 2013 SDCC, Matty Collector and Epic Movie Creations, an adult brand of Mattel announced an official Ghostbusters Neutrino (Nutrona) Wand. Neutrino was approved by some Sony department. At the end of last week, it went on sale to early access subscribers, where Mattel as… Continue Reading “Matty Collector Neutrino Wand On Sale: Ectocontainment Poll”

Matty Collector News: Nutrona Wand Prop Toy

Next year marks the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters and besides a 30th Anniversary licensing banner from Sony, nothing “30th anniversary” had been announced. Despite reputable quotes in recent interviews from both Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman ghostheads still don’t know if their will be… Continue Reading “Matty Collector News: Nutrona Wand Prop Toy”

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