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Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program Merchandise

Yesterday I wrote about and shared our Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program. If you were wondering I don’t have a Ghostbusters II Japanese program to archive and share. Today I wanted to discuss (well talk about) that internationally Ghostbusters merchandise and collecting was ahead of… Continue Reading “Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program Merchandise”

ゴーストバスターズ映画プログラム Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program

Note: Originally written for Ghostbusters Inc. in 2015 as part of an unofficial Japanese Ghostbusters month. Ghostbusters Incorporated’s unofficial Japanese Ghostbusters month continues with a ゴーストバスターズ映画プログラム. Or Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program. By the way, if you speak and/or read Japanese and know Google Translate got it wrong,… Continue Reading “ゴーストバスターズ映画プログラム Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program”

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