The Real Ghostbusters Minimates Series 3


Matty wasn’t the only toy company at San Diego Comic Con showing us new and upcoming Ghostbusters toys. Art Asylum gave us our first taste of Series 3 in The Real Ghostbusters line. It was some taste, Series 3 are The Real Ghostbusters ghostly doubles from the first season episode Citzen Ghost.

When I was a kid I loved this episode, what fan didn’t? Its a slight sequel and inside joke to Ghostbusters years before Ghostbusters II. In the episode while Peter is being interviewed he is asked to recount how Slimer came into The Real Ghostbusters lives. Cue up a flashback that shows The Real Ghostbusters coming back to a badly damaged firehouse wearing their Ghostbusters uniforms with marshmallow “stains” still on them. Fortunately while the Ghostbusters were really busy one of them or possibly Janine took the time to order them their new colorful uniforms. I love little tidbits like this. Good thing someone did as the uniforms they wore while battling Gozer had way too much ectoplasmic radiation and needed to be destroyed. Peter was suppose to take care of this, basically forgot while they rebuilt the firehouse and a new containment unit. Too much time passed and the uniforms took on a life of their own becoming ghostly copies of The Real Ghostbusters.

Why Kenner never made the “anti Ghostbusters” is beyond me. I would have gave up my lunch money for them and all The Real Ghostbusters ghosts we’ve been getting in 2011.

8 Year Old Rich: “That’s why we have birthday parties at the arcade.” Good point, I was a smart kid.

Earlier this month Art Asylum showed us our first production shot of the Series 3 four pack which is estimated to be available on November 30, 2011 for $17.99 USD.

The Real Ghostbusters Minimates Series 2


This past July (way to stay up-to-date Spengs) Art Asylum, a Diamond Select Toys brand announced and showed off series 2 of their The Real Ghostbusters minimates.

Series 1 gave us both Ray and Egon, for some reason ($$$) even Janine. Their friends and fellow The Real Ghostbusters wouldn’t be around until Series 2. We’re also getting their faithful accountant Louis Tully (in uniform) and a happy Mr. Stay Puft. That’s what happens when you remove Gozer from the traveler.

It couldn’t get much better then that. Ah, but it does. Series 1 brought us Boogieman and Sam Hain. Series 2 bring us two more early season The Real Ghostbusters ghosts, Sandman and Killerwatt! Plus we get a “no ghost” logo ghost, part of a TRU exclusive.

ø Peter Venkman & Winston Zeddemore

ø Stay Puft (good) & Louis Tully (in Ghostbusters uniform)

ø Evil Slimer & Sandman (TRU Exclusive)

ø Logo Ghost & Killerwatt (TRU Exclusive)

Disappointed Louis isn’t just The Real Ghostbusters faithful accountant? Ever wish Mr. Stay Puft would just relax and dress casually? I could have been prepared to bring the big little guy to J.C Penney, Art Asylum has us covered. If your comic book store is as with it as they claim, they’ll (along with a speciality store, hmm) be selling an exclusive box set.

ø Peter Venkman & Winston Zeddemore

ø Angry (casual) Stay Puft & Louis Tully (with a nervous emotion)

Series 2 should retail for $17.99 USD each and is estimated to be available on September 28, 2011.

What about Series 3?

The Real Ghostbusters Minimates


Some of my favorite toys as a kid were from Lego. While other movie and animated franchises had or currently have Lego people and sets, Ghostbusters (or The Real Ghostbusters) never did. I haven’t been the only fan who would loved to have built a to spec Lego ECTO-1 for example. Without official Legos of the guys, what toy company with a Ghostbusters license could come through for us in a similar way?

That’s where Diamond Select Toys comes in. They’ve been making Ghostbusters toys since 2009. Originally I wasn’t into the lego like block headed figures. What changed my mind was a popular internet auction site for a lot of the Ghostbusters films and video game minimates series sets. I liked them more then I thought I would when I received them.

What really sold me on the minimates besides nostalgia is when I read (and saw) that Diamond Select was releasing The Real Ghostbusters minimates this year. I like Mattel’s Mego style RGB figures, however the RGB minimates feel more like an incarnation of Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters figures. Unlike Kenner or Matty (for the most part) we now have ghost toys that were actually in The Real Ghostbusters. What fan wouldn’t want a Boogieman figure?

RGB Series 1 includes the following in four separate sets:

ø Ray and Egon (same figures are also part of a 4 pack)

ø Janine (in a RGB uniform) and Slimer

ø TRU Exclusive: Boogieman & electric Terror Dog

ø Sam Hain & Egyptian ghost

Series 1 has been available since Spring 2011. Depending on store availability they can be found at a Toys ‘R Us or fine retailers near you and can be ordered on-line.

In what should be the next entry I’ll talk about the upcoming The Real Ghostbusters Series 2.