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Preview: Ghostbusters Get Real Issue #3

Comic Vine has posted their exclusive preview for IDW Publishing‘s Ghostbusters Get Real Issue #3. If you don’t mind spoilers, pages from Issue 3 are further down. Ecto-Containement won’t post spoiler pages, I did want to provide brief information and cover art.

The Real Ghostbusters Comics: Volume 2: Issue 3

From NOW™ – January 1992 Cover Price: $1.75 Story: Shannon McCutcheon & Barry Petersen (first story), Pencils: Neil Grahame (first story) Inks: Jim Brozman (first story) Colors: Suzanne Dechnik, Holly Sanfelippo & Kelly Kinsey (first story) Letters: Joseph Allen (first story) Editor: Katherine Llewellyn…

The Real Ghostbusters Comics: Issue 3

“While taking care of some toxic waste from the chemical plant, a barrel fell off the transport truck and landed into the nearby swamp, allowing a monster to rise up and attack the plant! The Ghostbusters are called in to deal with the problem…

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