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On July 15, 2016 Ghostbusters: Answer The Call premiered to US theaters, adding to 32 years of Ghostbusters history. If you weren’t on this etherial plain or too young between 1984-1997 and are looking for Cliffs Notes about the evolution of Ghostbusters, UK magazine Geeky Monkey has ghostheads covered.

In July 2016 I had never heard of Geeky Monkey. At the time driving just to the Barnes & Nobles locations near the old place wasn’t practical. I wouldn’t have been looking for imported UK magazines anyway.

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The Real Ghostbusters Comics: The Father-Trilogy

From NOW™ – May 1989

Issue 9, Part One: Rising Son

Written By James Van Hise

Penciled By John Tobias

Inked By Rich Rankin

Lettered By Dan McKinnon

Colored By Barry Petersen

Cover By Gary Fields

Scanned and restored in March 2012 by Richard Roy.

“The Ghostbusters rescue a young boy from a ritual sacrifice, only to find out they’re caught up in something bigger than they ever realized. The dark forces want the boy and they’ll stop at nothing to take him from their care…including taking over New York City!”

  1. Goof: On the cover, a piece of Peter’s hair and his eyebrows aren’t colored in.
  2.  Issue 9 is the first The Real Ghostbusters issue from NOW that is approved by the Comics Code Authority.
  3. Peter references those other Ghost Busters on page 6.
  4. Shannon eats a bowl of The Real Ghostbusters cereal on page 12.
  5. A Stay-Puft billboard is part of a wall on page 24. Goof: Puft is spelled Puff.

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 9. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)

From NOW™ – June 1989

Issue 10, Part Two: The Empire of The Son

Writer: James Van Hise

Penciller: John Tobias

Inker: Rich Rankin

Letterer: Kurt Hathaway

Painter: Suzanne Dechnik

Editor: Katherine Llewellyn

Editor-In-Chief: Tony Caputo

Scanned and restored in March 2012 by Richard Roy.

“New York is under the thrall of Astorath, except for the Ghostbusters protected by Shannon’s powers. Their foe too powerful, the Ghostbusters take off to look for help while their adversary is momentarily stunned, learning the demon has a weakness towards nuclear energy. However, Astorath seeks to turn this weakness into a strength as he raids a military base and arms himself with two A-Bombs…both marked for an appointment with the Ghostbusters!”

  1. Egon references Gozer on page 5.
  2. Peter references Mr. Wizard, a once popular kids science show on page 15.

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 10. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)

From NOW™ – July 1989

Issue 11, Part Three

Writer: James Van Hise

Penciller: David Schwartz

Inker: Brian Thomas

Colorist: Suzanne Dechnik

Cover By: Ken Steacy

Letterer: Dan Nakrosis

Editor: Katherine Llewellyn

Editor-In-Chief: Tony Caputo

Scanned and restored in March 2012 by Richard Roy.

“The world has been saved, and the bad guy has fled. Time for the heroes to go home and relax, right? Wrong.  With Shannon in the clutches of his father Astorath, the Ghostbusters launch a full-scale rescue mission to bring him back where he truly belongs. It’s the Ghostbusters vs. a hell-dimension for the life of one boy, and this time they’ll have a little extra help!”

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 11. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)