Since the end of January, I’ve been working on a new section for Ecto-Containment, a basic on-line Store. The purpose of having a store at Ecto-Containment is to sell mostly Ghostbusters items from my personal collection. Their could be non Ghostbusters items added. Why is Ecto-Containments store basic? I’m not using commerce software and don’t have a PayPal business account. That’s why their aren’t add-to-cart buttons and directly checking out through Ecto-Containment. More information,… Read More

I admit I also have ulterior motive for adding 24 figures I own (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, January 9, 2018) to Ecto-Containment. I’m looking to sell them. I’m asking $60 USD per Twelve Inch Ghostbusters figure. Or $240 USD for all four. Can sell individually or as a set. I’m asking $75.00 USD for the 12 inch Egon/Ray Ghostbusters II set. Twelve Inch Ghostbusters figures come in their original white mailers. Figures packaging haven’t… Read More

Sticky Note: Ecto-Containment will continue to be at throughout 2018. Last week I began the first of two current site updates. Creating 4 new pages to add 12 inch Matty Collector Ghostbusters to Ecto-Containment. I also organized the Matty Collector Prop Toys menu. I had most of the 12 inch figures on the site before having to prepare for winter storm Grayson. Yesterday I took photos of the 6 inch Matty Collector… Read More

November 2013 edit: Omitted SDCC “prototype” images. As expected on Friday, July 19, 2013 Mattel unveiled what was under the black cloth. Despite the hype (from what I could observe on-line) very few ghostheads would have expected “a new car” with new 6” figures! Mattel are working closely with Sony to bring ghostheads a highly detailed Ecto-1 as part of the Epic Creations line. Mattel showed off the beginnings of what this… Read More