Site Update: Ecto-Containment Store Open


Since the end of January, I’ve been working on a new section for Ecto-Containment, a basic on-line Store. The purpose of having a store at Ecto-Containment is to sell mostly Ghostbusters items from my personal collection. Their could be non Ghostbusters items added.

Why is Ecto-Containments store basic? I’m not using commerce software and don’t have a PayPal business account. That’s why their aren’t add-to-cart buttons and directly checking out through Ecto-Containment.

More information, including placing an order is listed on Ecto-Containments Store front. Currently listed are Matty Collector figures.

Links below open new windows (or tabs) to each of the product sections. Thank you for visiting Ecto-Containment Store and look forward to your business.


6″ Ghostbusters II

Toys ‘R Us Exclusive

Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters

Photo Source: Original Store Graphic: PSD Graphics.

For Sale: Both 12 and 6 Inch Ghostbusters Figures

I admit I also have ulterior motive for adding 24 figures I own (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, January 9, 2018) to Ecto-Containment. I’m looking to sell them.

I’m asking $60 USD per Twelve Inch Ghostbusters figure. Or $240 USD for all four. Can sell individually or as a set.

I’m asking $75.00 USD for the 12 inch Egon/Ray Ghostbusters II set.

Twelve Inch Ghostbusters figures come in their original white mailers. Figures packaging haven’t been opened. I also admit I once was going to open Egon. Out of all four figures, I’ve only displayed Egon and Ray. Otherwise figures have been in their original white mailer boxes. Each figure includes all accessories, instructions, and advertising from Matty Collector.

Six Inch Ghostbusters figures come in their original white mailers. With the exception of any figure that didn’t have a white mailer box. Figures packaging haven’t been opened. Each figure includes all accessories from Matty Collector.

I’m looking between $30 USD per figure. Prices may be adjusted.

While I’d prefer to ship within the United States, I could ship internationally as long as buyer or buyers pay shipping and any additional fees. Which will be stated before final sale.

I can be reached at spengs @ ecto-containment dot com. Or you can message me at Facebook. Or please leave a comment below.

Thank you in advance for reading and looking! I’d appreciate any re-blogs, shares on Facebook, re-tweets on Twitter, or through any other social media platforms.

Site Updates: Matty Collector Ghostbusters Figures


Sticky Note: Ecto-Containment will continue to be at throughout 2018.

Last week I began the first of two current site updates. Creating 4 new pages to add 12 inch Matty Collector Ghostbusters to Ecto-Containment. I also organized the Matty Collector Prop Toys menu. I had most of the 12 inch figures on the site before having to prepare for winter storm Grayson.

Yesterday I took photos of the 6 inch Matty Collector Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II figures. Along with a 12 inch Ghostbusters II Egon/Ray “museum” set. It took into the evening to edit, resize, and watermark 60 + photos.

Today I created 23 new pages to mostly add photos of both six inch and twelve inch Matty Collector Ghostbusters photos. I haven’t written about most of these figures. I might eventually or the pages will be more about archiving and digital preservation.

All Matty Collector page links can be accessed by either clicking Matty Collector or hover over that part of Toys to see more navigation to Twelve Inch, and Six Inch figures. Where  each 12 inch or 6 inch Ghostbusters figure page is also listed.

Photo Source: Ecto-Containment

Matty Collector News: Ecto-1 For 6 Inch Figures

November 2013 edit: Omitted SDCC “prototype” images.

As expected on Friday, July 19, 2013 Mattel unveiled what was under the black cloth. Despite the hype (from what I could observe on-line) very few ghostheads would have expected “a new car” with new 6” figures! Mattel are working closely with Sony to bring ghostheads a highly detailed Ecto-1 as part of the Epic Creations line. Mattel showed off the beginnings of what this could look like, as well as a full color cardboard profile.

Due to the size and (supposed) expense to a (limited) fan base Matty Collector is taking pre-orders until November 5, 2013. I’m not sure why the display reads Aug 15th. That’s the scheduled sale date for their Ecto Goggles. I don’t know if it will be possible, at $215 USD just for the Epic Creations Ecto-1, I would prefer to wait to see what it will look like and how it’ll work before spending that amount of money (before shipping) on a pre-order. If their could be a way for the toy to have lights and sounds, one or the other, or none at all and keep the cost down, I think most ghostheads would be ok with that. if it meant this Ecto-1 would definitely get made.

This news has brought a mixed reaction from the fan base. With the 30th anniversary coming up it feels like Mattel and Sony needed to do something in a different category. After all Mattel is a toy company. It seems like if supposedly the 6” line didn’t sell well outside ghostheads, why do an Ecto-1 now? You almost know if this couldn’t happen, Mattel wouldn’t need to gauge interest in two new (not all 4 yet) figures that include removable packs so they can sit in the car and the packs can be stored on the pull out rack.