Ghostbusters Legos?


When I first posted about The Real Ghostbusters minimates last September I had talked about how growing up I would have wanted Ghostbusters™ Lego toys. The only official toys that could be compared in the 21st Century are the Ghostbusters minimates from Art Asylum/Diamond Select.

It seems surprising today that Lego didn’t produce Ghostbusters or The Real Ghostbuster Lego toys and sets during the series run. A little research for Lego toys based on movie properties in the 1980s didn’t come up with anything conclusive.

In the twenty teens fans may get Ghostbusters Legos yet. Cuusoo is a Lego community that designs and support Lego toys that their members and definitely others would want to see be made. This wouldn’t necessarily be newsworthy for Ectocontainment,™ except for a couple of things. They’re coming up with ideas for potential Ghostbusters legos (like the Ecto-1 above) and Cuusoo has the ear of Lego.

Really? Yes! After 10,000 people signed one of Cuusoo’s petitions for Minecraft Lego agreed they would look into that properties license. If Cuusoo’s Ghostbusters petition reaches 10,000 supporters (155 + as of February 17, 2012) Lego will evaluate the possibility of acquiring the rights to make a Ghostbusters Lego series.

Please check it out. sign the petition, and share it through your choice of social media.

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Kenner: Ecto-Charger Pack


When it came to toys based on Ghostbusters II Kenner didn’t fully capitalize on the potential opportunities. Even with a The Real Ghostbusters episode, Partners In Slime which has the most Ghostbusters II influence.

The toy someone was bound to make because of Ghostbusters II was the Slime Blower. Fortunately as Kenner made The Real Ghostbusters toys and had previously made a Proton Pack they created the Ecto-Charger Pack.™

Kenner: Ghost Grab-A-Meter


When it came to The Real Ghostbusters toy weapons and tying them into Ghostbusters II their was only one you could say is directly from the movie. That’s the Ecto-Charger. The Ghost Grab-A-Meter™ on the other hand while not exactly based on equipment from Ghostbusters II reminds me of a Slime Scoop merged with a Giga Meter.


Kenner: Ecto-Blaster


The Ecto-Blaster™ may have been the most realistic The Real Ghostbusters weapon Kenner ever made. It had similarities to a gun and can quickly fire a type of projectile without reloading.

Kenner: Ghost Spooker Trap


As previously mentioned the Ghost Trap™ was one of my favorite toys. When Kenner came out with a second ghost trap called a Ghost Spooker™ that makes spooky noises, I wanted one.

Kenner: Ghost Trap


The Ghost Trap™ from Kenner was one of my favorite “action toys.” Without it my kid self couldn’t catch the ghosts I was chasing with my proton pack!

Kenner: Proton Pack


I first saw Ghostbusters™ in theaters when I was six. I had a real wonderment about the ghosts in the movie and the equipment that caught them had almost magical qualities to me.

If I thought the Proton Pack™ was really cool I couldn’t have imagined how happy Kenner was going to make me a mere few years later.

Kenner: Ecto-Goggles & Ecto-Popper


I don’t know if it’s the way toy companies have evolved since the 1980s or it’s my perception of companies as a toy collector. Kenner could have easily sold the P.K.E Meter™ separately. Fortunately for kids they didn’t.

The Ecto-Goggles™ are another example of how cool Kenner was in the ‘80s. Like my earlier perception Kenner could have just sold them separately. They included a miniature rubber version of the nutrona wand called the Ecto-Popper.™ Which was somewhat similar to the Ghostpopper.™

Kenner: GhostZapper & Ghostpopper


Before Kenner ever made the Ecto Goggles, Proton Pack, or even a Ghost Trap they created the first two ghostbusting weapons for kids in 1986. The first is a light and sound toy known as the GhostZapper.™ The second is a Nerf like blaster (before Nerf came out with them in the late ‘80s) called the Ghostpopper.™

Mr. Stay-Puft “Ghost” Bio

I was going to (and still could someday) add an update to the site (away from the old Tobins Spirit Guide) which would have included Mr. Stay-Puft. C’mon, this is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! With a refresh underway it was the right time to recall where he came from, what he is and talk about his accomplishments.

Post Update: When I made the decision to evolve Ecto-Containment to an overall Ghostbusters web sites, pages such as the friendly ghosts page were removed.

Louis Tully Character Bio

When I originally moved The Real Ghostbusters sub site to Ectocontainment I didn’t add content that wasn’t part of The Real Ghostbusters first season. Going back to 2008 the idea was I’d add characters, ghosts, vehicles, and equipment as I saw them in a The Real Ghostbusters episode. It sounded ok. Realistically by the time I could and will be able to watch 7 seasons again of the series it could be years before anyone saw those characters, ghosts, vehicles, and equipment added to the site. This won’t necessarily be the case any longer.

In 2012 it begins with everyone’s favorite accountant Louis Tully. Louis became part of Slimer & The Real Ghostbusters during the 5 season episode, Something’s Going Around. Which aired about 4 months after Ghostbusters II had first been in theaters.

Post Update: When I made the decision to evolve Ecto-Containment to an overall Ghostbusters web sites, pages such as the staff page were removed.

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