Ghostbusters 3 Hellbent Script Pages


If you’ve been a ghosthead and on the internet a good portion of your life you’ve probably followed closely developments for what could have been “Ghostbusters 3.” Dan Ackroyd had an idea he’s talked about through the years where a doorway into our world opens, basically turning NYC into some ghost hell. These ideas would be incorporated into Ghostbusters: The Video Game from 2009.

A decade earlier in 1999 Dan Ackroyd wrote the first draft for Hellbent. I’m not sure when, where, (probably internet communications) or how, like a classified top secret file this script was out there to the fewest of ghostheads.

Occasionally I’d read a mention of this script. I use to search for it, never found any real Ghostbusters 3 scripts. Fan written, yeah. Chris who oversees Proton Charging began to share Dan’s first draft of Hellbent, dated March 10, 1999 in October 2010.


Its possible I was aware of those 2 pages, a month earlier someone I was close to had passed on. Even if I wanted Ghostbusters to be of some comfort, I had a lot going on in those early months. Of course an actual Ghostbusters 3 script didn’t matter at that point and it was barely a thought.

With Ghostbusters (2016) news/tid-bits/rumors during its production a Ghostbusters 3 feels like a life time ago. That script exists and again in recent years Chris has shared additional pages, something we know Dan Ackroyd would write. 🙂

Out of respect to Dan Ackroyd, appreciation to Chris, and a chance someday ghostheads will be able to read the entire draft I won’t upload every page.

All the shared pages of Dan Ackroyd’s Hellbent first draft script are on a Proton Charging’s Facebook album.



5 thoughts on “Ghostbusters 3 Hellbent Script Pages

  1. I would love it if they turned it into a comic or novel. Now would be the time to do that.
    Maybe a novel would be better since ‘Ghostbusters The Other Side’ has a story about the Ghostbusters going to hell too.


    • I think most ghostheads have wanted this version of Ghostbusters III to become a comic. Imagine a graphic novel. I could see a novel. Wasn’t exactly the right time, an actual book like Ghostbusters: The Return, published in 2004.

      I’m pretty sure I have “The Other Side.” I still haven’t read it. I have plenty of Ghostbusters comics I need to make time for.

      The other idea discussed by fans over the years (maybe prior to GB:TVG) was turning Hellbent into an animated movie.

      Depending on one’s perspective Ghostbusters film future may depend on how Ghostbusters (2016) does. We know Sony has a lot put into it and in part has a lot around their Ghostbusters franchise. Yeah, time will tell.


  2. What’s interesting about the script pages online so far is that they are lacking Venkman. If Bill Murray had come back he would have had a very small role in this, as he wanted. But I don’t know if the film could stand on it’s own with just Spengler and Stantz.


    • Yeah, I know what you mean. Most of us only know these limited amount of pages out of who knows how many script pages. Its possible Peter’s role was limited or their was more to it we haven’t have been able to read yet.

      I know in later drafts, (or new scripts, also not released) its been said I think by Dan Ackroyd they wrote scripts for Bill Murray’s character of Peter Venkman and w/o. Unfortunately at that time, its Bill Murray and in general they didn’t know if he’d commit to the film.

      Not exactly a professional way of handling business, even when its making a movie. It seems internet common knowledge a new Ghostbusters film up to that time wasn’t the only movie Bill Murray was that way with.


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