Custom Ghostbusters Lego City


Ghostbusters International are 4 days from the official Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Lego with mini figures going on sale. What does one ghosthead and custom Lego builder do to pass the time while the rest of us wait? Build..a…Ghostbusters…Lego City!

I’ll let that sink in for a moment or 11.

Olive Seon, (Flickr) pretty much created a version of Lego NYC that is very reminiscent of Stay-Puft headed to the Shandor building. Not that he really needed too, as Olive is no stranger to building global (size) landscapes. And Stay-Puft, yeah WOW, that’s a bit bigger then Diamond Select Toys.


To see more of Olive Seon’s custom Ghostbusters Lego City and other builds, check his albums on Flickr.

Photo Sources:Olive Seon

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