WWE’s Zack Ryder On Toy Hunter


Unless you know me and/or are my friend on Facebook you may not know I’m a wrestling fan. I was a kid during WWF’s Rock N Roll era of wrestling, kinda moved away from both WWF and WCW in the early ’90s. A friend and because of the “Immortal” Hulk Hogan initially brought me back during the mid ’90s (not right from Bash At The Beach 1996) when the nWo formed. I’ve pretty much have been a fan of various wrestling organizations ever since. Good bad or indifferent I watch current WWE and TNA/Impact Wrestling programming weekly. If TNA founder Jeff “The Chosen One” Jarrett gets Global Force Wrestling going, I’ll check that out as well. It all depends on what’s going on in my life.

Unlike ghostheads Paul Rudoff and Jason Fitzsimmons I don’t usually need to collide Ghostbusters and Professional Sports Entertainment Wrestling. Good enough. 😀 It’s fun, my sites aren’t about talking about famous people being into Ghostbusters or famous wrestlers showing their support globally with their wrestling gear. It doesn’t go un-noticed.

When I read Zack Ryder was buying Kenner Ghostbusters toys, I probably should have contacted him as friends and visitors to Ecto-Containment know I own a lot, not everything Kenner The Real Ghostbusters related. I read Zack Ryder bought something I own, written about, and has meant a lot to me, it felt like a good time to talk about Ghostbusters and a little wrestling.

Plus because 1 person cares I use to watch Toy Hunter for multiple reasons during season 1. What Ghostbusters and Kenner fan didn’t love an early episode when Jordan Hembrough bought mint Kenner toys from former Kenner employees?

Which brings us to this week when WWE’s Zack Ryder appeared on Toy Hunter recently buying a MIB Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Ecto-Charger Pack. Unlike Zack Ryder I’m not famous outside of Ghostbusters fandom, though I probably could be on a collecting reality show and no one is going to find or have a MIB toy for me to buy. For that reason I bought my MIB Ecto-Charger Pack (blog post) off a popular auction site.

Maybe its the condition of the toy or the fact Zack Ryder has to be in a higher tax bracket then me. He paid a lot more then I did, something tells me it wasn’t about the monetary amount.

Woo Woo…

Click here (WWE’s site) to view Zack Ryder’s appearance on Travel Hunter.

Photo Source: Travel Channel/Toy Hunter


2 thoughts on “WWE’s Zack Ryder On Toy Hunter

  1. That’s because I sold it to Toy Hunter over Ebay. They marked up the price a tad (It’s a business). Had I known he was in the market though. I would have sold it to him directly. Heck I got quite a collection. He can hit me up anytime.

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    • I know what you’re saying. I bought or maybe won most of my Kenner The Real Ghostbusters collection through eBay. Since 2011 I’ve sold those items either in person and on-line. Yeah, including eBay. One of the “lots” I sold in person ended up on eBay within hours.

      I’ve also sold or tried to sell to comic book stores and a toy store. Even when their was interest, they use eBay to gauge price and offer way less. I get after buying from fans, businesses marking up prices. Collecting toys is kinda like owning a car. You’re probably never going to get back what you put into it.


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