The Real Ghostbusters Haunted House Mystery


August has been a pretty busy month for me personally. Some of which has been going on since late Spring. Travel and appointments prevented me from posting The Real Ghostbusters news and site updates. Also, after spending 6 months of scanning and cleaning up NOW Comics’ The Real Ghostbusters comics, I was feeling burnt out. At the time I didn’t know I couldn’t get back to enjoying Ghostbusters/The Real Ghostbusters again for almost another month.

While real life got in the way ghosthead Paul Rudoff added a new book to the Ghostbusters eBook Preservation Project. A The Real Ghostbusters children’s book based on the season 1 episode, Mrs. Roger’s Neighborhood. Coincidentally this is the last The Real Ghostbusters episode I wrote about.

Personally this is a great addition for the project as I don’t remember this from childhood and don’t own any The Real Ghostbusters children’s books.

This small book, titled The Real Ghostbusters in Haunted House Mystery by Peter Mandeli is similar to other Ghostbusters books by the Antioch Publishing Company. With its size, format, and included stickers.

Spook Central’s Haunted House Facebook Galley.

The Real Ghostbusters in Haunted House Mystery (PDF)

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