Kenner: First Series Card Backs

US Original Card

US Original Card

Before I expanded what was The Real Ghostbusters sub site into Ectocontainment and began collecting M.O.C Kenner The Real Ghostbusters figures in 2011 I’d search on-line for detailed The Real Ghostbusters packaging. Which included the figures card backs. With running a The Real Ghostbusters site that has Kenner figure write ups my intention was to include detail card backs, straight from the toys.

It took longer then I originally anticipated, using my own collection I’ve scanned the back of my first series hero and ghost figures. Unfortunately they’re not all first run or even all American. Frequent visitors to Ectocontainment know my Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man was originally sold in Germany.

Each scan is high res and comes in at about 6MB per picture. I may provide more scans from other Kenner The Real Ghostbusters card backs in a future update.


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