The Real Ghostbusters Comics: Spectacular 3-D Issue!


From NOW™ – October 1991

Story: Barry Petersen (Story 1), Andrew Brenner (Story 2), Shannon McCutcheon & Barry Petersen (Story 3)

Pencils: Norm Dwyer (Story 1), Brian Williamson (Story 2), Neil Grahame (Story 3)

Inks: John Strangeland (Story 1), Dave Elliott (Story 2), Jim Brozman (Story 3)

Colors: Stuart Place (Story 2), Suzanne Dechnik, Kelly Kinsey & Holly Sanfellipo (Story 3)

Letters: Patrick Williams (Story 1), Nick Abadzis (Story 2), Caren Skibell (third story)

3-D Conversion: Bob Staake of Apartment 3-D (Story 1)

Editor: Katherine Llewellyn & Barry Petersen (Story 3)

Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo

Cover: John Strangeland

Scanned and restored in May 2012 by Richard Roy

“The Rise and Fall of Ghostbusting” (3-D)

There’s a ghost at the local amusement park on one of its most profitable rides, and its up to the Ghostbusters to get rid of it.  Except the roller coaster they ride takes them by too fast to effectively trap it, leaving the ghost free and the owner questioning their abilities!

“Nobody’s Slimer!”

Slimer has slimed once too often. The Ghostbusters are all agitated at their slimy houseguest, causing him to run off believing nobody loves him. Now all alone, he seeks residence with other people thoroughly unprepared for him as a resident!

“Tobin and the Maze of Time Part 1”

Tobin was chosen from his time in 1 AD to be the new chronicler of spirits, creating Tobin’s Spirit Guide, the Ghostbusters’ ultimate resource tool. Speaking of the Ghostbusters, in the midst of an experiment Tobin projected his image into Egon’s lab calling for their help. Now the Ghostbusters must go to the astral plane to rescue Tobin and save the world from the Evil that imprisoned him.

  1. Info: This issue is referred to The Real Ghostbusters Vol. 2 Issue 0 since it begins the story arc that carries across The Real Ghostbusters Vol 2 comics.

The Real Ghostbusters Spectacular 3-D. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)

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