The Real Ghostbusters Comics: Issue 6


I’m going to try something new (for me) when writing blog entries about the issues I’ve put up. I may include brief observations or notes as a quick reference. If I look further into something I’ll credit the source. Observations/notes follow the issue description.

Video Nasties

“A group of ghosts take over a low-rated TV station, and the Ghostbusters are hired by the station manager to deal with the problem. The Ghostbusters arrive to find an Egyptian motif inside the station and a horde of ghosts ready to fight them. If that wasn’t enough, they also come face-to-face with The Nameless One again! Ghosts, Mummies and bad reruns…could this mean cancellation for the Ghostbusters?”

  1.  TV commercial shows an Alien from Aliens.
  2. Egon was working on a completely different Ecto-3 from what was used twice in The Real Ghostbusters. This comic version was completely different from Kenner’s Ecto-3 toy vehicle as well.
  3. Beginning with this issue NOW included a 2 page letters section after the story concluded.

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 6. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)


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