More Ecto Toys


I had a couple appointments this past week, one which took me out of town. In between and afterwards I’ve been working on the next two pages from the Kenner “chapter” of the Toys section. I spent the better part of the afternoon and evening on it today.

With the number of ecto vehicles Kenner produced I’m creating multiple pages to organize the toys and write ups.

Earlier in the week I wrote about Ecto-1, Ecto 2, and Ecto 3 on the Ecto Toys page. Today we take a look at ECTO-500, Ghost Sweeper which Kenner probably should have called an Ecto Sweeper, and ECTO-1A.

The third page will focus on the Ecto Bomber™. In the fourth and final page about the ecto vehicles that were made we’ll look at Kenner’s haunted rides.


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