The Night I Met Chris Candido And Went To T.G.I Fridays


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At the final WCW Uncensored PPV from March 19, 2000 Chris “Hard Knox” Candido made his WCW debut to basically get in on some Crusierweight division action and make an inside (maybe) statement about wrestlers having female valets. If wrestling fans had been watching for years, they knew that Tammy “Sunny” Sytch had been the valet/manager for Chris Candido in both WWF and WCW.

At a previous PPV, Superbrawl, Prince Iaukea who had established his “Artist” Prince character had won the Cruiserweight championship. Artist also had a valet, former Nitro girl Storm, now going by Paisley. If you’re not familiar or forgot she would later join WWE and become Queen Sharmell, at the side of her real life husband Booker T aka King Booker.

Even though I didn’t know it yet, I was to become a fan of Chris Candido. In hindsight I get why he debuted at WCW’s take on ECW. Originally Uncensored was the hardcore PPV where the rules were thrown out. That might have been the actual slogan. I know uncensored was said a lot. Their was even a Hardcore TV episode that totally made fun of the original Uncensored. In hindsight watching three promotions chronologically it (extreme) ruled.

In 2000, I hadn’t previously known Chris Candido had been part of ECW. And maybe a “blink and you’ll miss it” second run in WWF. This is probably not saying much, Chris Candido was an entertaining character. Even with 2000 internet, (at least it was broadband) I wasn’t real aware that Chris Candido like myself is from New Jersey or that The Garden State “bred” quite a few professional wrestlers.

While I don’t know the exact date, most likely before WCW’s final Nitro in March 2001, it is probably why my friend Joe (the one and only) and I had a chance to go to an independent wrestling promotion event.

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