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1989 Sears Wish Book Advertises The Real Ghostbusters Toys

Matt from Dinosaur Dracula has a new feature about Sears’ Christmas Wish Book from 1989. It advertised Kenner The Real Ghostbusters roleplaying and action figures. And a non electronic The Real Ghostbusters pinball game. Among the The Real Ghostbusters toys Sears gave space to that… Continue Reading “1989 Sears Wish Book Advertises The Real Ghostbusters Toys”

Sears Christmas The Real Ghostbusters Pages

I haven’t made a separate post for Kenner Collector in the past. It’s a web site run by Dan Flarida and John Wooten that is all about the toy company Kenner. Who as we know made many iconic and memorable toy lines, which included… Continue Reading “Sears Christmas The Real Ghostbusters Pages”

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