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Ecto-Containment Photo Of The Moment

Friends and ghostheads Ronald Giameo and Carol Jacky set up a photo shoot using Ron’s recent upgraded Firehouse, ECTO-1. and new Diamond Select Toys 24″ Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man bank. Pretty sweet right? Photo Credits: Carol Jacky

Ronald Giameo’s Kenner ECTO-1 Mods

After Ronald Giameo modded and upgraded his Kenner Firehouse it was time to restorehis  Kenner ECTO-1. Painted and added lights to my old toy from childhood into a collectors model for my adulthood enjoyment. For all build and progress pics and a lot of related pictures, check… Continue Reading “Ronald Giameo’s Kenner ECTO-1 Mods”

Ronald Giameo’s Kenner Firehouse Mods

Ronald Giameo who began to become a friend after building his version of The Real Ghostbusters proton pack last summer has taken on a new project. Kenner‘s The Real Ghostbusters Firehouse. He’s updated, painted, and added parts to the first series hero figures HQ. Fore… Continue Reading “Ronald Giameo’s Kenner Firehouse Mods”

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