Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Play-Doh


Like a lot of kids in the ’80s I played with Play-Doh. Back in 1980 something Kenner made it. As a toy company who ruled an empire they didn’t just make soft modeling clay. Not one to trust kids to make whatever they wanted willy nilly Kenner produced play sets. Such as the Fun Factory, ice cream shop, barbershop, fast food restaurant, and arguably (you’re already wrong) the best Play-Doh set of a defining decade, The Real Ghostbusters.

While I don’t remember a single detail about when my parents probably bought me the Play-Doh The Real Ghostbusters play set, I remember having one. Somehow its Ghost trap extruder and plastic Ecto-1 survived, albeit with a broken wheel and eventually missing its hood.

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Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Play-Doh Premium


I would have liked to talk about this a week ago, I was working on adding news updates to Ghostbusters Inc. Friend, contributor, and ghosthead Matthew Jordan from Ghostbusters Wiki posted the above image to Facebook on February 15, 2014. He found it while searching a popular auction site.

The image seemed familiar, I didn’t entirely remember it or a color version. I was really wondering why The Real Ghostbusters Slimer food poster has a Kenner logo on it. Lanny D. Crepit (Ectofiend666) informed us this was an item you could send away for because you were once a young ghosthead and someone who loves you bought you The Real Ghostbusters Play-Doh set. Play-Doh was also once owned by Kenner before the absorption into Hasbro. This premium item also came with an activity sheet.

I did have a The Real Ghostbusters Play-Doh set (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, January 18, 2018) when I was around 9. While I can remember the fun I had with it, I don’t recall information about sending away for the Slimer food poster and activity sheet. Twenty four years later I bought an open, but I believe mostly complete Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Play-Doh set. Which I want to write about for a future update.

Image notes: Matthew edited the original photo. With regards to size, contrast, and creases.