During the 1980s as the cola wars raged on with adults who had expendable income, another corn syrupy battle was taking place on suburban playgrounds across America. Thanks to a product that could be bought almost anywhere, GUM. Their were some major players who used the power of marketing and flavor to build brand loyalty during childhood. Bazooka Joe, owned by the trading card company Topps. Hubba Bubba, owned by gum giant Wrigley. Bubbalicious, today… Read More

Apologies on the slight blurring during scanning. I tried to take a pic too, the lighting in my office area wasn’t bright enough on the packaging. Of course the bubble chose today (after 27 years) to no longer stick. Can a bead of glue turn to dust? During 2011 when I was buying and collecting Kenner‘s The Real Ghostbusters toys, every now and then I’d come across The Real Ghostbusters merchandise that… Read More

The weekend before Free Comic Book Day I was contacted by Mr. David Garth from the Parallax Corporation. He was telling me in a sentence most likely along with every major Ghostbusters fan site that the company has a new license to make and sell Stay-Puft marshmallows. And they already are! Previously Omni Consumer Products had a license to make and sell Stay-Puft marshmallows. Their product contained squarish caffeinated marshmallows in a… Read More