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Ghostbusters NJ/Ecto-Containment Event

Tomorrow, March 19, 2017 members of Ghostbusters NJ and myself will be at the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show. This smaller show runs from 10AM-4 PM. JSCBs is in a regional shore area. One could even visit one of the area boardwalks afterwards. With games, oversized food, and beaches… Continue Reading “Ghostbusters NJ/Ecto-Containment Event”

Ecto-Containment July Site Update

July Updates If you’ve stopped by Ecto-Containment in the last week, you probably noticed the black piano theme I’ve been using has been replaced. I’ve been wanting to change the layout again for sometime. I’ve been testing different designs. Depending on when you read this,… Continue Reading “Ecto-Containment July Site Update”

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