From NOW™ – February 1992 Cover Price: $1.75 Story: Barry Petersen (first story), John Paul Catton (second story) Pencils: Neil Grahame (first story), Martin Griffiths (second story) Inks: Jim Brozman (first story), Dave Harwood (second story) Colors: Suzanne Dechnik (first story), Stuart Place (second story) Letters: Patrick Williams (first story), Stub (second story) Editor: Joan M. Weis Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo Cover: Phil Elliott & Cam Smith Scanned and restored in July 2012… Read More

“Mob boss Caesar Caldoni’s long-lost vault is found and opened on live TV to reveal…a rusting old jalopy. While not good for television, it’s made even worse when the ghosts of Webby “The Tractor” McBain’s mob, the only rivals of the Caldoni mob, escape the vault and pick up where they left off in the 20s. Their first goal; to settle an old score against Caldoni by hitting all the places he ran back… Read More