If Funko Were To Make The Real Ghostbusters Pops!


I haven’t really wondered what The Real Ghostbusters figures could look like if Funko were to make them. I’ve been more concerned with trying to complete the actual Ghostbusters Movie Pops! (iRich) figures.

I did think by now we would have heard Funko could be releasing Janine, (Ghostbusters) Dana, (probably as Gatekeeper) and Louis. Again, probably as his Keymaster version.

While I’ve slowly been collecting Ghostbusters Movie Pops and thinking of more Ghostbusters Pops, ghosthead Austin Brooks was busy designing would be The Real Ghostbusters Pops!. Continue reading

The Real Ghostbusters & TMNT Battle

By now ghostheads (well most of us) have been reading IDW’s Ghostbusters/TMNT cross over mini series (GB Inc.) What if their was crossover artwork featuring both animated franchises? What could that look like? I never thought of that, fortunately for fans of both animated series Aaron Hazouri and Kirsty Swan did. Continue reading

Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Monsters Art Reimagined


Imagine for a moment if Kenner was around today, similar to Playmates Toys. And that they’re a licensee for Ghostbusters. Still producing, similar to reptiles that became ninja mutants The Real Ghostbusters figures. It stands to reason Kenner (owned by Hasbro) Kenner would update either the figures, card art, or both.

I don’t foresee that happening officially, it didn’t stop me from wondering what that could be like. Canadian artist Phil Postma did more then wonder, he took our imaginations as ghostheads and created new The Real Ghostbusters inspired card artwork for Kenner’s Monsters figure line.

figuredracula figurefrankenstein figuremummy

I’d love to share all his The Real Ghostbusters card art, out of respect and a kind of internet etiquette I’m sharing only a small number of his pieces on Ecto-Containment. To see all 13 “Monsters” art, Phil’s other Ghostbusters art, and more of his work, visit his site.

Art Source: Phil Postma