Kenner Instructions: Ecto-3

Kenner’s ECTO-3, the toy looked nothing like the Ecto-3 we saw only 2 times during The Real Ghostbusters. Kenner envisioned ECTO -3™ as a cross between a modified go cart and a Formula 1 race car. With giant paddles!

I’ve taken the original 4 page Ecto-3 Instructions, scanned them, and made them into 3 PNG files. I’ve also scanned and included the decal sheet.

Kenner: Ecto Toys


The next page from the Kenner “chapter” of the Toys section continues with The Real Ghostbusters Ecto Toys. Because of the number of Kenner vehicles with Ecto in the title, one page would be pretty lengthy. On the Ecto Toys page I take a look at ECTO-1, followed with a new ECTO-2, page and an ECTO-3 page.

The next toy update will include ECTO-500, Ghost Sweeper, and ECTO-1A.