Ghostbusters Legos?

When I first posted about The Real Ghostbusters minimates last September I had talked about how growing up I would have wanted Ghostbusters™ Lego toys. The only official toys that could be compared in the 21st Century are the Ghostbusters minimates from Art Asylum/Diamond Select. It seems surprising today that Lego didn’t produce Ghostbusters or … More Ghostbusters Legos?

Kenner: Proton Pack

I first saw Ghostbusters™ in theaters when I was six. I had a real wonderment about the ghosts in the movie and the equipment that caught them had almost magical qualities to me. If I thought the Proton Pack™ was really cool I couldn’t have imagined how happy Kenner was going to make me a … More Kenner: Proton Pack

Kenner: Gooper Ghosts

The next page from the Kenner “chapter” of the Toys section continues with the last three (bonus, fourth) The Real Ghostbusters first series ghost figures. We’re taking a look at the Gooper Ghosts action figures.