The Real Ghostbusters Comics: 1993 Annual


From NOW™ – December 1992

Story: Patrick Williams (first story), Barry Petersen (second story),

Pencils: Patrick Williams (first story), Neil Grahame (second story),

Inks: Tim Estiloz (first story), Jim Brozman (second story),

Colors: The Now Staff (first story)

Letters: Andrea Albert

3-D Conversion: Bob Staake of Apartment 3-D (second story)

Editor: Joan Weis

Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo

Cover: Norm Dwyer, John Stangeland & Suzanne Dechnik

Scanned and restored in August 2012 by Richard Roy

“Trick or Treat or Defeat”

It’s Halloween time again, and a kindly old man is giving away free Halloween stuff to kids. But, as with most Halloweens, things are not always as they seem; the kindly old man turns out to be Samhain conducting his latest gamble to take over the world! With his sinister treats scattered all around the city, this may be the final trick unless the Ghostbusters can discover his plan and defeat him once again!

”Pandora’s Box”

The Ghostbusters return from the Pentagon with Professor Epimetheus’ device; a doorway to another dimension.  Afraid to dismantle it without the Professor present, Egon and Peter embark on an adventure through the portal in order to track the Professor down. However, they find themselves in an all-too-familiar place; Boo York, home of the Peoplebusters!

1993 Annual information. (from NYGB Comic Guide)

The Real Ghostbusters 1993 Annual. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)

The Real Ghostbusters Comics: 1992 Annual


From NOW™ – March 1992

Story: Barry Petersen (first story), Richard Alan (second story)

Pencils: Neil Grahame (first story), Anthony Lacrombe (second story)

Inks: Jim Brozman (first story), Anthony Lacrombe (second story)

Colors: Suzanne Dechnik (first story), Zed (second story)

Letters: Andrea Albert (first story), Zed (second story)

Editor: Joan M. Weis

Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo

Cover: Uncredited

Scanned and restored in July 2012 by Richard Roy

“Poltergeist at the Pentagon” Part I

“Strange happenings are going on at the Pentagon, and it’s not your usual cover-ups! A poltergeist is causing havoc in the nation’s second-most secure building, so the president decides to call in the Ghostbusters. It’s up to them to clear the building and prevent the playful spook from accidentally pressing…THE button!”


”Janine’s on vacation and the Ghostbusters are looking for a temporary receptionist. They get an applicant, Wanda, and Peter falls instantly in love with the beauty. However, there’s something fishy about their new receptionist…something that could wound Peter extremely deep!”

1992 Annual information. (from NYGB Comic Guide)

The Real Ghostbusters 1992 Annual. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)