First Series Ghost Figures

Their’s only so many times The Real Ghostbusters can capture mini ghosts. Knowing this, Kenner planned ahead. In 1986 they released the first series ghost figures.

Carded Figures

  1. Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man
  2. Green Ghost
  3. Bug-Eye Ghost
  4. H2Ghost
  5. Bad-To-The Bone Ghost

In 1987 Kenner began releasing four larger ghosts as part of the Gooper Ghost line. These four ghosts came in boxes instead of being packaged in a card. Each figure came with 5 ounces of Ecto-plazm™ “play gel” and in the case of Banshee Bomber a play mat..

Gooper Ghosts

  1. Squisher
  2. Banshee Bomber
  3. Sludge Bucket
  4. Green Ghost

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