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Official International Ghostbusters Club Photos Updated

On August 6, 2019, posted at Ecto-Containment on August 7, Ghostbusters International was able to recreate (Ecto-Containment Blog Post) part of the original Official International Ghostbusters Club, thanks to Robert Maxwell Barbieri. (Facebook) I figured that would be it unless TECHPAC or “No Ghosts,“ the… Continue Reading “Official International Ghostbusters Club Photos Updated”

Official International Ghostbusters Club Photos

Remember that time over at GBI when they wrote about the official Ghostbusters Fan Club? (GBI Blog Post, June 8, 2014) Five years later they, (well I did) wrote about the official international Ghostbusters fan club again. For a very good reason. It started… Continue Reading “Official International Ghostbusters Club Photos”

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