Updated Ghostbusters Official Fan Club Membership Card


On July 3, 1984 as The United States was celebrating independence, Mark Lister and Jim Garvey founded the official Ghostbusters Fan Club. (GBI Blog Post, June 8, 2014)

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For about the price of a streaming subscription today, ($8.95 USD in 1984) ghostheads received a number of items, including a membership card. A high res version surfaced on February 2, 2018 thanks to Lance Dobersek. I wrote more about the original membership card (GBI Blog Post, April 28, 2018) at Ghostbusters International..

Since Lance Dobersek tweeted his scans I wanted to recreate the ID card as original as possible. The was the idea until I was looking at Pixelmator and was thinking if Mark Lister and Jim Garvey were creating the club today they would have more “tools and talent.” For practically free.

The original card is Ghostbusters history. That’s why I uploaded Lance’s scans and with very little touch up created a blank for ghostheads to fill in their own names.

With my thinking and 2018 in mind I created a version in the spirit of the original. With a lot of text it took time to “get it right.”

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The backgrounds come from PSD Graphics. I slightly adjusted at least the front of the card to give it a slightly aged look. The back of the card is titanium alloy. Fonts most likely came from Da Font throughout the years.

If you like it enough feel free to use for your collection or within your Ghostbusters franchise. Remember, it shouldn’t be used for commercial purposes.




One thought on “Updated Ghostbusters Official Fan Club Membership Card

  1. No one has asked, I *sigh* did notice after posting the back of the card has a mis spelling for Schedule: License is “issues…” It should be issued. Honestly in order to correct it, I’d have to recreate the back, I didn’t save the back file. 🙄

    Maybe their is a certain charm to that. Then again maybe not.


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