I haven’t added my Kenner The Real Ghostbusters collection to the Ecto-Containment Store. I’ve mostly listed these items through Facebook. I wanted to make separate blog posts where applicable.

If you’d like to buy any of the figures please email me at spengs @ ecto-containment dot com. Or please leave a comment or message through Ecto-Containment Facebook page.

$40 USD

I bought this Fright Features Ray Stantz UK card from an eBay auction around 2011. The seller had a box of once unopened Fright Features figures. It had come from a former toy store.

$35 USD

The big zero, also known as Tombstone Tackle Ghost has an unflattering nickname and once had a professional football career. The Big Zero had the look, couldn’t score a touchdown to save its figure life. Now you know.

$40 USD

The backside of the smaller ghosts are the real brains of the operation. Combine all four on the top of Brain Blaster, then roll it until the brains “blast” from its head. Kids were scared…with laughter!

$25 USD

Ghostbusters branded toilet figure that transforms into a real fearsome bowl! Fearsome Flush on card, bubble came separated a few years ago. Figure still transforms.


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